The International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) is our umbrella organization.


IFSA’s vision is a world that appreciates forests.
Our mission is to provide a platform for students of forest sciences to enrich their formal education, promote cultural understanding by encouraging collaboration with international partner organizations and facilitating students in gaining practical experiences with a wider and more global perspective. Through its network, IFSA encourages student meetings, enables participation in scientific debates, and supports the involvement of youth in decision making processes and international forest and environmental policy.

The IFSA e.V. is an registered association, ran under German law. The headquarter is located in Freiburg – at our faculty. This means that every year we aim to staff the position of the Executive Secretary with one of our LC members.
The Executive Secretary as part of the “IFSA 7” board is responsible for running the IFSA international office at our faculty. The “IFSA 7”, elected for each one year on the International Forest Students Symposium (IFSS), is the main managing committee of the IFSA as a global network.

One could say the “IFSA 7” is the brain, the local committees are the heart and blood of the International Forest Students Association.

Further information can be found on ifsa.net / Facebook / Instagram