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Harz-Excursion Report#2

For a long time, the Harz was a wooded area but was repeatedly deforested by humans (charcoal burning, world wars…). More productive spruce forests replaced the original deciduous forests for economic reasons. Due to their rapid growth and good wood quality, spruces are well suited for material use (e.g. beams, paper production). However, due to […]

Harz-Excursion Report

This excursion took place from July 30 (Sat) to  August 2 (Tue), 2022. The aim of the excursion was to gain insight into the current challenges of forestry and nature conservation in and around the Harz National Park resulting from the recent drought events and bark beetle calamities. The total number of participants was 16 […]

NERM 2022 – Finland

The Northern European Regional Meeting (NERM) 2022 was held in Finland from April 19 to 24, 2022. Two of our LC members got the opportunity to attend this special meeting and meet students from all over Northern Europe.For many of the participants it was the first face-to-face international meeting in a long time and accordingly […]

Germany Meeting 2021

From October 1 to October 4 the Germany Meeting has taken place in Göttingen. It is located in the middle of Germany and was therefore a good place for the annual IFSA meeting. In addition to students from the LCs of Göttingen, Eberswalde, Erfurt and Freiburg, there have also been international participants from Denmark, Turkey, […]

Swiss night No. 4

Last Thursday, the 28th of January we held our fourth virtual Swiss night meeting. Our topic was the “Stadtwald Freiburg” ( Freiburg muncipal forest). To start our meeting the event team organized an interesting Kahoot Quiz about the “Stadtwald”. Later on Nicole Schmalfuß joined our meeting. She is the head of the municipal forest office. […]