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Germany Meeting 2021

From October 1 to October 4 the Germany Meeting has taken place in Göttingen. It is located in the middle of Germany and was therefore a good place for the annual IFSA meeting. In addition to students from the LCs of Göttingen, Eberswalde, Erfurt and Freiburg, there have also been international participants from Denmark, Turkey, […]

Swiss night No. 4

Last Thursday, the 28th of January we held our fourth virtual Swiss night meeting. Our topic was the “Stadtwald Freiburg” ( Freiburg muncipal forest). To start our meeting the event team organized an interesting Kahoot Quiz about the “Stadtwald”. Later on Nicole Schmalfuß joined our meeting. She is the head of the municipal forest office. […]

Swiss Night – No. 2

On Thursday 8th October, we had our second event with our fellow swiss neighbors. We talked about the value of protective forests and their management in Switzerland and heard an interesting presentation from a specialist in the Department of Forest and Natural Hazards Graubünden, which gave us insights into the practical field of protective forest […]

Trash Picking Initiative 2020

The national report of annual waste production of Germany shows that the total generation of wast increased over the last few years, and reached an amount of 417 million tons in 2018 (Source: Umweltbundesamt). Though beside these reported quantities an unknown amount of trash, thrown away by negligent people, escapes our more or less efficient […]

End of Amazon week!

Last week we initiated two presentations focused around the Amazon rainforest. On wednesday Prof. Renato Robert from the Federal University of Paraná, Brasil gave a talk on his 4-week excursion through various biomes and forestry related landmarks across the Amazon which will also take place again in July 2021. All students interesed in participating can […]